Panoramic Views

I wonder when buying a new outfit what do you consider the most, is it the style whether on trend or not, is it the colour, the label, the price or the function if it’s appropriate to where you intend to wear it? Or is it all of the above? It would be ideal to get all of these but it is not always the case.
Let’s face it, we can’t get everything we want most of the time so we’ll just think of the second best which is to get the most wear out of what we bought. In the case of this white playsuit, I must admit it ticks most of the boxes. I bought this for my uncle’s birthday party held in the most dreamy restaurant with killer views. It’s in trend as of the moment with the cold shoulder style and ruffle sleeves, it’s from Decjuba which is a good brand in Australia and for half the price only, nothing can beat that.
And I’m glad I got a good deal although the wearability is close to nothing. I can’t wear it to my work even on a mufty Friday nor during Sundays to church. But I think it’s still a good buy as it’s perfect for summer casual parties. Besides, it’s pretty too. I chose white sandals to go with it to maintain that neat and fresh look.
Now, let’s talk about the views. The lunch was in Panorama House in Bulli Tops overlooking Bulli town with its never ending beaches. It’s located in the South of Sydney which is an hour drive from the city. The place was cooler even on a scorching summer day, a perfect getaway on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
Outfit Details:
Playsuit from Decjuba
White sandals from Ego
Bag from Chanel
Bracelet from Hermes