How to Wear a Chunky Knitted Jumper

Red is one of the major colours of 2019, either call it Tomato Red or Scarlet I am lucky that it’s my favourite colour so I can rock it with confidence. I refuse to only wear black or grey jackets, I like breaking the monotony of dark colours on winter.
I finally got a chance to visit Nurragingy Reserve which is an open urban park in Western Sydney few weeks ago with my mum and nephew who were visiting from the Philippines. Sometimes I don’t get it, why we never explore our own backyard out of curiosity to see it for ourselves before visitors from far flung places get to see it first. I didn’t realise there’s a Chinese garden inside too, what lured me when I googled this place was the white bridge and orange trees. My red jumper complemented well with the garden to the tee.
I used to drive passed this area when my work was on this side of Sydney, never was curious enough how does it look inside. I like the contrast of the striking colours of orange, brown and green against the white bridge. The presence of the lake makes everything looks calm and peaceful, a perfect spot for meditation and self reflection. Ok, I cannot really do that with my toddler running around and making sure he won’t jump off the bridge accidentally but I was happy I got to see it finally and the photos turned out so well.
Back to my outfit, I like pairing red with black to achieve that quintessential and classic look. When wearing a chunky jumper it’s best to pair with a skinny jeans or tights to tone down the shape. I got these black leggings with eyelets on the sides from Zara Los Angeles Downtown, the fabric is quite thick which is really perfect for cool weather. The boots are incredibly comfortable which I didn’t expect from a dupe of Chloe Susanna boots. The only problem with buying the cheap version is that the heels get worn out easily. And this made me think to get the real ones in gold studs or the Givenchy boots hopefully by next winter. I finished this look it with a black woolen beret and black floral handheld bag.
Outfit Details:
Red jumper from Sportsgirl
Leggings from Zara
Bag from Nine West
Beret from H&M