WTF Wednesday and Christmas Eve

   Oh. My. God. It is Christmas Eve!!!
   But first... ok so on my way home from work on Monday, my car kept feeling like it was being hit by strong winds and it was hard to steer straight (no strong winds that day). When I got somewhat closer to home (I have a long commute), a light/ alert popped up saying "Steering Fault Service Now." I Googled on my phone to see what it meant. Other people with Ford Focus and people with Ford Fusions have experienced this and one said that when she turned her car off and then restarted it, the alert said loss of steering and you couldn't turn the steering wheel. Well good thing I waited until I got home to try that because mine did the same thing. I read online that Ford has received 450 complaints of this exact problem in certain year models of Fusions and Focuses. I have a 2012 Ford Focus SE and that model was included. I also read a lawsuit was filed against Ford in July because they have not fixed this problem. Anyway, a tow truck had to come to my house to tow my car to Ford. Thank goodness my Mom convinced my Sister to let me drive her car to work on Tuesday so that I could actually work and my Sister got a ride from her friend to school. Thank the Lord when I called at 10:00 a.m. they said my car had been fixed- or so they say- and it would cost like $230 or something. This total consisted of the price for towing, which I really don't think I should have to pay or have to pay almost $100 for a tow from my house to two minutes down the street, and a software update or something. A lot of people who had this problem said Ford did this and then within days or weeks, the steering went out again. This really worried me because I have such a long commute to and from work and it's on the highway and with rain and snow coming, it could be super dangerous. Lots of these people who filed complaints had gotten into accidents and some ended up in the hospital.
   -Well guess what? Thirty minutes into my commute, the same alert, "Steering Fault Service Now" pops up. So I drive back home (making sure not to turn the car off) and got my sister to follow me to Ford to drop off. Ford had said yesterday that only time would tell if this worked and that if it didn't, they'd have to replace the safety rack or something that would cost around $1600, but it will probably be more since Dealerships throw in other stupid fees. I don't even think they are open today either. FML! Whenever it is fixed, hopefully Friday, I'll have to max out my credit cards and hopefully won't have to pay any extra in cash. Ugh.
   Alright alright, let's forget about that shit for a moment. I wanted to do a Santa-related post since Christmas is so close and Santa is related to Christmas. It only makes sense.
   First, finding out Santa isn't real. At what age did you find out Santa wasn't real? How did you find out? How did you react? WTF Heather?! Why would you talk about Santa not being real and the moment you found out this dream crushing truth??? Well I'm pretty blunt and honest and just curious- so responses would be much appreciated.
   I found out when I was 10 (5th grade). One of my "friends" was talking about it at recess. I am like two people. I look at things very realistically and I also have an overactive imagination. At this point, I was ok with finding out Santa wasn't real. Was I sad? yes but I didn't mope over it or anything. I just accepted it and continued acting like he was real for my Sister. I also kind of still imagined he was real. I have a very wild imagination. Like really wild and overactive. When watching movies, if the character is hurt physically or emotionally, I can imagine myself as the actress or actor and feel their pain and emotion. I also watch a lot of reality t.v. and shows that people say are completely scripted. When I watch these shows, I don't necessarily think realistically in the sense that the thought of the show being scripted doesn't even come to mind at all. "Thinking" that it is all real is what makes these shows so good! I know that not everything in those shows are real, but letting my imagination take over and pretend it is real is what makes me enjoy these shows so much.
   Ok let's stop the rambling before it gets out of control Heather.
   Is it crazy that I never finished putting my few Christmas decorations up??? WTF Heather? I was originally not going to decorate except for my little tree but then I ended up buying three things and my sister and I have yet to put them up. So today I plan to actually do that or at least put two of the three up. And we didn't do our cookies or gingerbread house yet. So that is on the to-do list today as well. By the way, we waited til this past weekend to get our gingerbread house. There weren't a lot left and we were in a little bit of a hurry since my sister had kind of early plans and we had went to Target before Walmart (got the gingerbread house at Walmart) and the line at Target was so freaking long and out of control that the line had to be woven in and out of aisles and directed by sales associates!!! We were in there forever!!! Anyways, my sister just picked one real quick and the decorations were blue. When we got home and I had a good look at the box, I realized she picked out a Hanukkah gingerbread house! Hahahahah! Oh well, we do things a little differently if you couldn't tell. And if you also couldn't tell, we aren't Jewish. We are Catholic. So we'll just decorate it like a regular gingerbread house with the white and blue decoration stuff in the box and not draw a Jewish star or anything with the icing. Plus I have some red glittery icing and green sugar sprinkle things to put on the cookies that we could also use on the house- maybe. We'll see. So I'll take pictures of all that and my tree and decorations and show you all in a post on Friday or this weekend. I know, I've been procrastinating. Shit happens.
   Anyways, enjoy these funny cute Christmasy dog pictures!
On a Serious note, remember:
Merry Christmas everyone!!!
   By the way, my MRI is scheduled for this Friday- wish me luck in finding answers!