Wearing Tops Over Maxi Dresses With Ankle Boots: Casual and Dressy

Following a simple outfit formula and adding a top over a printed maxi dress to make it a skirt, but creating two very different looks!

What I wore:

Brisbane Fashion Runway show 2019 touch of glitter sqequin tank over snake print maxi dress with black blazer vintage Chanel | awayfromblue
snake print maxi dress with Chanel vintage quilted lambskin flap | awayfromtheblue
awayfromtheblue Instagram | black blazer with sequin tank over snake print maxi dress for brisbane fashion runway show
Earrings: Kmart mustard gold tassel earrings
Jacket: Warehouse cropped zip detail jacket
Tank: thrifted Valleygirl metallic sequin tank (gift from my mum)
Dress: Jeanswest grey snake print maxi dress (worn as skirt)
Shoes: Acne pistol boots in "skin"
Bag: Chanel vintage quilted lambskin flap

Why I wore it:

Sequins and snake print together is not my normal style of dressing, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little with this outfit for the Brisbane Fashion Runway show. The theme was a touch of glitter and I think this tank nailed it perfectly!
I knew I wanted to wear this snake print maxi dress but couldn't find a sequin topper, so thrifted a few possible necklace options at the opshops after spending a few weeks fruitlessly hunting for something with sequins. None of the necklaces felt quiet right with the dress but luckily my mum found this sequin tank for just $2 in her local opshop and it was exactly what I needed! Big thanks to my mum!
Apart from the $2 tank, everything else was already in my wardrobe. The cropped black blazer is one I won in a blog giveaway years ago and considered donating it a few times. Glad I kept it as it was a much cooler day than expected with the rain all morning. Thankfully it cleared up in the afternoon for the show.
Had a really fun time despite worrying I'd feel out of place, never been to an official fashion show before but Emily and Mel were great people to go with. Big thanks to Emily for the photos too!
Had so much fun at the #brisbaneFashionRunway last night! So many beautiful outfits! #whatiwore #mumsnightout #liketkit #springstyle
Last worn: cropped blazer, gold tassel earrings, snake print maxi dress, Acne pistol boots, vintage Chanel bag. First time I've worn the thrifted tank my mum found me.
Other ways to wear: cropped blazer and lace dress, snake print maxi dress with red clutch, Acne pistol boots and ruffle dress, vintage Chanel bag at Christmas.
Perfect for pregnancy: snake print maxi dress at 39 weeks, Acne pistol boots in third trimester, vintage Chanel bag and last pregnancy pic.

Choosing A Handbag For Every Occasion:

What I wore:

casual grey tee over high low maxi skirt outfit with straw circle bag and ankle boots | away from blue
Amerii medium sling rattan bag in black with mandala print maxi dress | away from the blue
awayfromtheblue Instagram | grey tee over high low maxi dress casual spring church outfit with amerii straw circle bag
Necklace: Roie Designs long freshwater pearl necklace with tassel
Tee: Spectrum basic v-neck tee in grey marl
Dress: Jeanswest Sophia high-low maxi dress
Shoes: RMK Chester black ankle boots
Bag: Amerii medium sling rattan bag in black (c/o)

Why I wore it:

This was the morning after the night before! Needed something simple and comfortable after a few drinks before, during and after the fashion show! Mum life means 3 drinks in one night and staying up past my normal bed time is far too much, ha! Stuck with the same outfit formula but a lot more casual.  I love wearing this high-low maxi dress as a skirt and the grey tee was the perfect topper with it.
The black straw bag and ankle boots were simple matching accessories that made getting ready in the morning a bit easier! We made it to church but did spend the rest of the day afterwards at home, trying to relax as much as you can with two little boys!
Last worn: grey tee, pearl tassel necklace, printed maxi dress, black ankle boots, straw circle bag.
Other ways to wear: grey tee and pencil skirt, printed maxi dress and denim jacket, black ankle boots worn 30 ways, straw circle bag in winter.
Perfect for pregnancy: grey tee in second trimester, black ankle boots in second trimester.

Printed Maxi Dresses Under $50:

How You Can Wear It:

For something a little different why not try layering your maxi dress and adding a tank or tee on top to wear it as a skirt? It's a simple way to change up the look of your favourite dress and create a whole new outfit.
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