Ok, so for those of you who don't know my dilemma, my 5 year high school reunion was rescheduled for the end of November. They didn't give many details but I do know it is at an ale house that hosts parties and events. It is at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night. I want to look hot but I just don't know what to wear for this. High School Reunions tend to be in the late Spring it seems like and ours ended up being rescheduled for Fall. So I want to look hot but I also want to be comfortable and not cold!
   I've been looking around on Pinterest and Google Images trying to get ideas. I have saved a lot of stuff but I just don't know. So here are my options/ ideas/ inspiration of what I should maybe wear and a pictures I found on Pinterest or somone's blog or something:
Crop top with high waisted pencil skirt
Dressy top with dress pants
A blazer and cute top (like a peplum or something) with skinny jeans or skinny pleather pants
Or a dress???
   I'm starting to feel the whole crop top (possibly even a cropped sweater or cropped crew neck sweatshirt) with a high waisted pencil skirt idea (not the exact outfit in the picture of course) and a statement necklace, but I still need your opinions!!! Please help!!!