Theatre | Crongton Knights - Belgrade Theatre Review

We are the magnificent six, is literally one of the songs I CANNOT get out of my head after watching this show. If you haven't heard of Crongton Knights this performance was based on an adventure by 6 young people trying to help a friend, when it all went pear shaped with some pretty dark actions. So let's see what I thought of the performance.
Crongton Knights paints a picture of the real world on the streets when it comes to gangs and knife crime. It showcases to everyone, but particularly to young people how important it is to stay safe and not get involved in not only knife crime but street gangs, burgling or fights etc. All these 'badmans' should grow up and get a life. This show should be performed to every school and every teenager, especially in Coventry with knife crime rising, it is certainly vital for young people to learn not only the consequences of knife crime and gangs but to also steer clear and be safe by not being on the streets in danger.
Crongton Knights - Belgrade Theatre Review
The cast were absolutely BRILLIANT! Full of talent, humour, the best phrases that will have you laughing until you cheeks hurt and my gosh, the dancing, it had me in stitches! The whole cast were incredible, especially with the singing, rapping and beatboxing. I certainly felt like I wasn't 'down with the kids' anymore with the words they were coming out with, but the main message of the show certainly hit home.
Honestly, if your a teenager, young person, adult or parent reading this and you maybe have siblings children or you yourself want to watch this, it is certainly one to watch, but also a lesson to be learnt to young people to stay away from knife crime and be safe on the streets. The emotions within the show that you feel certainly will hit home to you, as they did to me. by Street style fashion for women