Now that I am in my mid-twenties, small wrinkles are appearing, and pregnancy has left some interesting discolorations on my face, namely my little friend melasma. That "mask of pregnancy" should be named the "mustache of pregnancy" in my case, because my upper lip totally darkened, making it look like I had a gnarly mustache going on from a distance (and it is still in the process of lightening up, but I suppose that is a different story for a different day).
Basically, skin care is a very realistic part of my beauty routine now, and I am working on implementing quality products into my lineup. I am very much a freak and extremely particular about what I put on my face, so I was praising the heavens when SkinAgain reached out to me about their products. Seriously, it was like a godsend, since I had frantically been researching different brands, and wanted something natural, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, gluten-free and lightweight. SkinAgain fits that bill exactly!
The SkinAgain line has four different creams to combat every type of skin issue, and I was lucky enough to test out their Rescue and Relief products. Since we are habitual beach dwellers and spend ridiculous amounts of time outdoors, these have come in handy, as I am able to use them and on my little ones (side note: I really am picky about which beauty products I share on this space, so consider this review a gleaming beacon of celebration in a product worth using).
The Rescue cream is excellent in providing a soothing aid for burns, cuts and scratches (I'm talking to you, face — and Luke), and it's also excellent for post-shaving and waxing (I'm talking to you, bikini line). The Relief cream I used on my arms since I am prone to dry and bumpy skin on my upper arms (yet another curse plaguing my skin!) and it started to noticeably soften the surface of my arms in a matter of 3 short days. I've read it also helps with rosacea, which my mom battles, so I am going to send her some as well! And I can't wait to try it out on bug bites this summer, with all the camping we have planned, because all the other bug and itch creams have funky smells and I don't want to be putting chemical-laden creams on my boys.
Now it's your turn to try out these awesome products! SkinAgain is generously giving one of you swell gals (or guys) your own set of Rescue and Relief creams! Also, if you can't wait that long and must have them now, they are giving you all a Buy One Get One Free promo when you use code ABBEY20 (just make sure you have both the Rescue and Relief product in your cart, and it will deduct one of them when you checkout). You can purchase them here.
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