Scalloped Dress

Photography By Jacqueline Christensen Photography
Dress- J.Crew
Cardigan- Forever 21 ( similar)
Shoes- TJ Maxx ( similar)
Scallops! Ooh I swoon over scallops on clothes. I HAD to have this dress the second I saw it. Black and White and scalloped. It was a match made in heaven.
Is there a certain "thing" on clothes, that makes you want it?
Like when you go into a store if you see this "thing" on a clothing item...what is it that draws you to it?
I am always drawn to scallops, peter pan collars, crests, and bows.
If an item has any of these things, I instantly want it. THEN, I have to try it on, look at the price, determine if I need it, and that is a whole different story. :)
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