Redhead of the week: Emma Åvall, from Requiem pour un Con.

Hi, and welcome to our Monday entry!
We ♥ Redheads wants to give something like an "award" once a week to one redhead of the blogger's world; and this week the "Redhead of the week Award" goes to one of the newest redheads around here, the lovely
Requiem pour un con
Last week Emma dyed her hair into red again (she had it redish some years ago, in her punkish days) and thanks to this, she gave me the great idea of starting this blog, as I was joking about creating something for the redheads into the bloggers' world... and yes, finally, I created this blog, so I must say
to Emma for this inspiration!
There are lots of things I could say about Emma, but I think it's better if she speaks about it by herself. If you click
you can read an interview I made to her some months ago for
Not Here to Please You
and my final coolhunting project.
Emma has been redish, blondie and dark hair; but she also had some pink on her hair too... but it's curious, at the end, we always come back into red!
Congratulations to our first Redhead of the Week!!
And as you can see, the look of the blog has changed a little bit; I've added some buttons under the new header, and there you can find some information about me, the blog, the Redhead of the Week and some banners and buttons, if you want to
this little project.
Thank you so much in advance, and see you on the next entry!