Redhead of the week: Elsa Billgren, from Need Help Dressing?

Welcome back, redhead lovers! ♥
This week I'm so happy to announce our Redhead of the Week... and what a redhead, guys! It's my favourite redhead blogger,
Elsa Billgren
, from
Need Help Dressing?
Since Sandra, from
, introduced to us this gorgeous woman, I've been a big fan of her, so you can imagine how lucky I feel for having her agreement about being our redhead of the week!
Some time ago I was lucky too and I made an interview to Elsa for my final coolhunting project, about bloggers and fashion If you're interested on reading this interview, click
As I mentioned before, Elsa is one of my greatest inspirations, and sometimes I see her as a model to follow up. Maybe it sounds stupid to you, but I wish one of these days I could meet her and say to her in person how important is she for me, and how she has changed my point of view about life. Sweden is now more brighten and near of me than ever, thanks to her!
So thanks for being true, you and so lovely, Elsa!!
And thanks to you for being so lovely and read this entry! Any suggestions about our next redhead of the week? Send me your favourite redhead!!