Our Trip To Chicago

Time is truly a thief considering we were visiting Nanny and Papa in Chicago two months ago! Feels like I just stepped off the plane last week. How?! Why?! Is this a good time to watch Interstellar to remind myself it's all relative?
Anyway, here is a friendly photo dump of all of our adventures, which included, but were not limited to:
Playing at Kuiper's farm and barely missing the timeframe for apple picking and pumpkin scavenging. Oh well. At least I got whooped in a game of bean bag toss and ate the best apple cider donut of my life.
Bike rides and sneaking around Matt's high school.
Miss Chitown in all her glory. Chicago really is a stupidly pretty city. I could live there.
Fishing and freaking out at the slimy nature of those waterbound creatures.
Now when do I get to move the Midwest? I make mighty fine cornbread, and I have an impressive ability to wear local sports team apparel like I am one of their most dedicated fans. I am sure I would fit right in! (Da bears.)
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