New Year's Eve Outfit- Opinions Wanted and Help Needed Please

   Christmas Eve and Christmas is almost here!!! And next comes New Year's Eve and New Year's Day! I seriously cannot remember the last time I went out- like out out- for New Year's Eve. Like seriously. Well this year is different because Steve asked me to come see a band with him and his friends in Philly on New Year's Eve! I said yes of course and was super excited. The next thought that came to mind? I need an outfit!
   Being the online shopper that I am, I bought my outfit online- obviously. Everything but the shoes are from Forever21. I plan on going to Forever21 like actually in the store this weekend to look at the jewelry. I just couldn't make a commitment to buying the jewelry online because I was so indecisive about what jewelry I wanted to pair with this outfit and what would look good and I wanted to hurry up and order the outfit so that it arrives at my house before New Year's Eve. I might end up getting jewelry at Target or somewhere else in the mall but I'll definitely be looking at Forever21 first.
   Usually the go-to outfit for New Year's Eve is a dress. Well I'm not doing that. I'm going to Philly and going to see a band and I just feel like it'd be more appropriate and I'd be more comfortable in a pant+top combo rather than a dress.
   So here's my outfit that I ordered. What do you think??? I'm not sure if the shoes match/ if I want to wear them but I got them anyway just in case because they were on sale for only $12.24!!! How could I resist? Especially when I had been looking for cute wedges over the summer and didn't buy any. I can't decide if I should wear these wedges, get a lower closed toe wedge, or wear flats. I think I shouldn't wear heels since I'll be at a concert and might have to do some walking as well. Aggggghhhh I need your opinions!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeease!
Ultra-Hydrating Color Lip Balm in Nude $2.90
Sequined Double-V Cami in Jade $12.90
Skinny Scuba Knit Trousers in Black $17.90
Gladiator Wedge Sandals in Black on sale $12.24
Quilted Faux Leather Moto Jacket in Olive $32.90
   I'm also not sure if I'm going to wear this jacket with the outfit or not. I wanted a faux leather moto jacket and I really like this one. It had great reviews and while I did want a black one, this one is pretty much exactly what I was looking for- besides the color of course. And it needs to get here first because who knows? Maybe it won't fit, maybe I won't like it on me, and maybe I just won't like it at all. Buuuuut if I do like it, do you think it'd go with this outfit?
   I also am thinking about getting pasties or like a sheer thin bra that has no wire lining or anything. I just think the pasties or something would look better than a regular bra with this top. And it has a V cut in the front and back and I don't know how far down it goes. Reviews suggested to go down a size, which I did, and I'm hoping I don't regret it. Sometimes reviews are accurate and sometimes they're not. We'll see. According to the tracking, it is going to be here tomorrow and so will the shoes- hopefully! *fingers crossed* *knock on wood* Yay!!!
   Also, what do you think I should do for the jewelry? I was thinking maybe silver and do a simple pendent necklace and subtle semi-dangly earrings? And then I'm going to curl my hair.
   Would absolutely love your opinions!