Shirt: Walmart. Boyfriend Jeans: LOFT. Shoes: ShoeDazzle. Headband. F21. Sunglasses: Target.
Happy Independence Day (tomorrow)!
Can you tell it's one of our favorite holidays? Can you also tell we are big diehard Duck Dynasty fans? If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably heard my incessant raving about how much I love the Robertsons (it's almost as bad as my obsession over JT) and how I think we should move to Louisiana and become one of their redneck kin. I mean... beards! Man ponies! It's my not-so-secret alternate life I dream for. Who cares if it's scripted? They are hilarious.
So this shirt...
What started out as an emergency pit-stop at Walmart for a cooler for the beach, somehow turned into Matt, Luke, and I all buying coordinating Duck Dynasty shirts. Oh, Walmart. Sometimes I do actually love you.
I am so grateful for the freedom we all enjoy as Americans, and to live in such a grand and beautiful country. Wishing you all a wildly fun and safe 4th of July! Hope you take the time to get decked out in a patriotic garb and feel the red, white, and blue blood pulsing through your veins!
God bless 'Merica!
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