Mad Men DIY Couples Costume

One of my favorite things about teaching is making learning fun! I hate listening to boring teachers, so I try to be the fun exciting teacher I always wanted. I tend to be many characters in my classroom (i'm kinda a drama queen, if you didn't know). I LOVE acting and talking in weird voices. The secret is out, ok! :) This past week I was a witch in my classroom, a pirate, and a rapper. My kids LOVED it! They keep asking for these characters to return. They like them better than me! :( haha. These characters barley have a costume, I usually throw on a hat as I slip into my "magic" closet and it is all about the acting. With Halloween coming up, here is an easy couple costume you can put together in seconds.
Dress- Modcloth (like this or this), Belt- Kate Spade
Can't wait to show you my costume I will be wearing this weekend with the hubby! :)
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What are you going to be for Halloween?