Lorna Jane Activewear

Lorna Jane Never Give Up Sweat c/o
Lorna Jane Lilly 7/8 Tight c/o
Lorna Jane Kody Sports Bra c/o
Lorna Jane Billie Headband c/o
Nike Free 5.0 c/o JD Sports
Nothing motivates me to get out for a run or a yoga session like a pair of hot pink workout pants. Six-year old Abbey would have been in heaven with a pair of leggings like this, and 26-year old Abbey is still just as amped about it. Also, can we talk about this sweatshirt? Basically my mantra the entire time I go for a jog. My endurance is terrible, and I despise running, so I give myself markers to hit. For example, I have been jogging up this HUGE hill to a park by our house multiple times per week, pushing the boys in their stroller. (Talk about the burn, baby!) Don't ask me what I was thinking when I started it, but I am committed to it now, however I always want to stop when I am sucking air and my chest is on fire. But I don't! I tell myself, "you can take a breather once you hit that light post!" and so on and so forth. Does anyone else do that? It weirdly drives me if I have a visual and I repeatedly say in my head, "don't give up!" Hence, when I saw this sweatshirt, she had to be mine.
Since it is Labor Day today, it's the perfect day to be giving away some activewear, don't you think?
I've teamed up with Lorna Jane to give away a $75 gift card to one of you lucky gals! Their activewear and clothing is colorful, unique, and high quality. I wear mine all the time, meaning it fits incredibly well and comfortably, too. I know I have said this before, but I get more excited to work out when I have a fun outfit to do it in, and it is also a great reward to treat yourself to a new outfit when you hit a workout goal. So, get to treating yourself already!
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