I LOVE long eyelashes. Who doesn't?
I have gotten eyelash extensions for the past couple years because they look amazing and you feel amazing! However, I have been told they may or may not be so good for your eyes. I am not sure if thats true or not. So just to be cautious I take breaks from eyelash extensions and these are my favorite products for my eyelashes:
Strong Lash (to create longer lashes)
Voluminous Million Lashes (my favorite mascara)
I started using Strong Lash in June. My eyelashes weren't horrible but I really wanted them to be longer. I would apply Strong Lash to my eyelashes every night. It says to do it twice a day but I always forgot in the morning. I am SO happy with my long lashes right now! I don't think I will be getting eyelash extensions anytime soon.
June 2019
 August 2019
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You will NOT regret having longer lashes!
I want to hear what your favorite mascaras are in the comments! Fashion for women