I'm Loving The Big, Bold Brow Trend

The Big, Bold Brow Trend
It seems that the bigger and bolder the brows this fall, the better. I am definitely a proponent of this huge beauty trend (as evidenced here). Why? Because I was blessed with the bushiest brows a girl can get. I used to curse my mom for this, since it is passed down from her side, but now I am rejoicing. I suppose I should have embraced them the whole time, but being extra hairy isn't generally something I appreciate. I suppose this trend is teaching me a valuable life lesson that flaws are only in the eye of the beholder! (Until frighteningly thin brows hijack the spotlight in five years.) Is being fickle a genetic trait, too? ;)
(Get a load of those brows in all their bushy glory! And bangs! So trendy, Abbey. This face I'm pulling is almost as if I knew my brows were destined for greatness 20 years later.)
I perused Pinterest to bring you the best bold brows I could find, and then realized that I shoulda' just typed "Cara Delevingne" in the search bar because they are basically all pictures of her face. With Lily Collins interjected every fourth picture. By the way, I am convinced Cara Delevingne is the female version of Jared Leto. I should start a "Who Wore It Best?" Tumblr between the two of them. (Also, Zoolander 2? I. Can't. Wait.)
What do you think of the big brow trend? Love it? Think it's atrocious? Meh? Tell me, tell me!
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