How To Wear Pastels in Autumn

We can clearly tell these images were taken in the summer, but I've honestly not finished wearing all the pink and pastel colours. I honestly have adored wearing any form of pink from pastel to neon and I cannot get enough of it. So of course, I'm bringing it into autumn with me.
Thinking about autumn at first I was like NOPE Christmas and Halloween you can stay away a little longer!! But then I got ahead of it all and started doing a Autumn board on my Pinterest and it's made me want the colder weather to have an excuse to get all cosy with blankets, knitwear and all of the coats. Coats I honestly think I've just started a collection, as I have a whole completely separate wardrobe for them all. Each time AW comes round I seem to buy a new coat...Oops.
Knitwear is a major must in my AW wardrobe, and I'm not a massive fan of cardigans due to hating buttons...Just no..So anything like this one gifted from Sunshine Soul which has a tie up waist, I prefer, or even just a long-line cardigan thats plain I like as part of my knitwear options. This one I've worn loads during the colder summer days, and I'll certainly be taking it throughout autumn and winter with me.

Footwear wise dressing this outfit for more colder times, I'd add in tights and pink boots - the pair I have needs repairing but they are what I would wear with this outfit for colder seasons. And I freaking wear them to death, literally to the point I've broken them. Can anyone relate when you find that perfect pair of shoes that you wear until they break and then still try and repair them? I rarely buy shoes as I don't come across ones I love very often so when I do, they are being worn to the max!
What's your favourite colours to wear during autumn?