Fall Colors

Shoes- Poetic Licence, Gingham Shirt- J.Crew,
Skirt- Forever 21 ( similar), Tights- Forever 21 ( similar),
Scarf- Forever 21 ( similar)
I was in the mood to just throw lots of colors on.
I feel like this outfit works, because it is all in the same pallet of colors.
These new Poetic Licence shoes were my inspiration for the outfit.
I love Poetic Licence shoes because they play
with colors and patterns like no other shoe does!
I have a funny teaching story today.
A little girl came up to me yesterday and told me
she was going to name her daughter Wensel
(That's my last name for those of you that didn't know).
I said, no way! Do you think she will like that name?
She said, "OF COURSE, because you are beautiful so she will be too!"
I feel bad for her future daughter...
A girl come up to me and asks me to spell a word, I tell her to sound it out.
A little girl near me says,
"If you make it wrong, just make it perfect!"
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