Does Blogging Make One Thinner?

Shirt: LOFT. Pants: Thrifted. Hat: Madewell. Shoes: c/o PB&J Boutique. Sunglasses: Target. Lipstick: NYX.
Hello, white pants! How do ya' do? I remember when we bid adieu last fall, and I am happy to see your brightness back on my legs. Gives a girl an extra skip in her step.
After looking back on those old photos of the last time I wore these pants, I have clearly lost weight. Which leads me to this theory that I have. The theory that blogging makes you thinner. Now that I have been blogging for years (when did that happen?!) I subsequently have been reading blogs for years. And I swear to you that majority of the people have become more thin. Or, perhaps it is just we have all learned our skinniest angles. Either way, I am convinced that narcissistically staring at yourself on a computer screen day after day will in fact cause you to lose weight, whether you are aware of it or not.
Is it just me that thinks that? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
My weight dropped once I finally found out I had Celiac's Disease and got my hypothyroidism under control. Regulating the body's metabolism and cutting out all wheat products will do that to a person. I wish I had some inspirational workout story to tell, but it was really just getting my health in order. Sooo, should you feel not quite like yourself and you just can't seem to shed those last 10 lbs of baby weight or whatever it may be, perhaps you should get your thyroid checked! It can literally be a life saver, helping physically and emotionally.
And that is my story of how I lost my weight and one of my numerous (and ridiculous) theories on blogging. The end.
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