Best Places To Eat In Zante

And the Zante travel series starts! Zakynthos was the most BEAUTIFUL place! Not only for sites and night life, but for the incredible food options they offer. I'm going to take you through the most mouthwatering food filled blog post you've ever read, and you'll want to have all the greek hummus, pita bread and all the pizza and gyros you can eat after this.


This restaurant was our favourite for flavour and value. We went to this restaurant twice because of how budget friendly and delish the food was. Not to mention how lovely and fast serving the staff were. Myself and Adam ordered a chicken gyros, which was filled with kebab style chicken, salad, fries and tzatziki which is a delicious dip which I ate honestly everyday whilst we were there. This was all wrapped up in a gorgeous doughy pita bread - homemade greek style of course. The best part was, this wrap filled with goodness was only 2 EUROS!? Absolute bargain of the holiday! So in total, 2 drinks and 2 gyros cost us 8 euros - AMAZING and budget friendly. Honestly I could not recommend this restaurant enough, and it was only 5 minutes walk from our hotel (Agrillia Hotel - review of this hotel to come as you'll want to stay there after you've read that).


Ahh Greco's. This was the first greek restaurant we tried on our first day in Zante and we honestly could not fault the place. The waiters were so kind and helpful, brought us out complimentary homemade bread and dips - tzatziki of course and olives. Olives I'm not a fan of, so the dip was devoured instead. I ordered a side of hummus with pita bread - best stuff ever. It's a shame they don't make pita bread that good in the UK. As a main, I wanted to try something greek, so I went for the Beef Zante. Which was more like a beef curry enriched with sauce and a splash (I say a splash I could of gotten drunk off how strong it was) of wine within the sauce also was different. This was accompanied by this strange rice that must of had swede or something within it as I just couldn't figure out what was in it. The garlic butter new potatoes were absolutely divine with this, that's for sure. I can't remember the name of Adam's dish but it was kind of like a greek style lasagne with feta cheese, salad and fries. This meal came to around 26 euros including drinks.

Best Places To Eat In Zante
Best Places To Eat In Zante
The Sizzle Bang Grill

This was a super cute lunch spot that we found and decided to have a jacket potato each for a change. I had beans with a side of grated cheese, whilst Adam had tuna (ew) and cheese. This was rather nice and was only around 10 euros for two jacket potatoes and 2 drinks. So for price, this didn't do too bad and was in a busy location, so we sat outside watching the world go by - on quad bikes and scooters.

Olympic Flame

This lovely Olympia style greek restaurant was so different to all the other traditional ones we'd been to. This was a more modern style greek restaurant but with Olympia style decor with a pillar style decor all around the restaurant giving off a very different vibe that was lovely to admire. We ordered a Hawaiian pizza - anyone agree with the fact pineapple belongs on pizza? Me and Adam loved it! Such a nice pizza with a side salad and garlic bread - all the carbs! The only time me and Adam can properly dig into all this kind of food is on holiday as Adam is on a strict diet at home and I can't handle certain foods due to IBS and being dairy intolerant, but I can have a little bit of cheese. This meal came to around 20 odd euros including soft drinks. It's a lovely restaurant on the strip and also has a kids play area out the back of the place.


Horizon was a cute restaurant based on the beach front with the view of the gorgeous blue ocean. Such a nice place to be when the sun goes down behind you. The staff here were so nice, this was a traditional greek style restaurant, especially within their decor, but still keeping it quite casual. We came here on our last night in Zante actually, we decided to order a Hawaiian pizza again with a big garlic bread pizza on the side with chips - we ate a lot that evening that's for sure! We were also given complimentary cocktails on the house from the restaurant, how sweet! This had to be our favourite place for pizza that's for sure, as this was the best Hawaiian pizza and garlic bread we've ever tried! Prices wise it came to around 20 odd euros again, but still not bad for what your getting.

Cool Peppers

We first spotted this place on a bill board whilst driving round Zante the first day we got a quad bike, and the desserts and food looked SO good. So us, by us I mean me, wanted to try it. This place had such a chilled vibe as well, the person at the front of the restaurant also gave us 10% discount off our bill - BONUS! The staff weren't as good as the traditional restaurants but they were nice enough, we had quiet a wait on the food that's for sure, must have been at least a 30-40 minute wait. But we ordered 2 soft drinks, I ordered a Beef Stifado and Adam ordered a Chicken Souvlaki. Both dishes looked and tasted pretty good to be honest. Beef Stifado, if you've not tried it before, is like a beef stew with pickled onions, I didn't think I'd like it until I tried it, and OMG I need it again now, my stomach is honestly rumbling at the thought if this delicious greek dish. Adam totally devoured his dish and said it was rather nice, and gosh did it look it. It was slightly more pricey in Cool Peppers, but not as much as it would of been if it was in British Pounds.

Best Places To Eat In Zante
Sirocco Restaurant

This little restaurant was also on the strip, there's honestly so many restaurants in Zante along the strip and the beach front, you are certainly spoilt for choice. We went for more pub style food in Sirocco, where I had Gammon with chips and pineapple - one of my fave pub style meals. Whilst Adam went for spaghetti bolognese, but this didn't taste like your usual spag bol, as the mince meat was in a sauce filled with a wine like the beef Zante I had in Greco's. This restaurant was nice, very average, but if you like pub food, this restaurant has it all really, even the football games...


Ahh Mambo's...this was by far our favourite restaurant that's for sure! The service and politeness of the staff was unforgettable. They were so kind and lovely with everything, the food was delicious and you just couldn't fault it next to a view of the beautiful ocean. This restaurant is of course based on the beach front - perfect spot to be honest. I went for a chicken salad with pitta bread and hummus, whilst Adam went for a Beef Stifado - best dish ever. I tried this and it was SO good that I wish I ordered it! Definitely check this spot out, as they also gave us 10% discount too!

Carpe Diem

This is definitely a nice place to stop for brunch, as we didn't stop for dinner here, due to the prices being quite high for mains. So brunch it was! Adam went for a club sandwich with chips, very nicely presented. Whilst I went for pancakes with fruit and syrup, these were really nice but honestly SO filling. The decor was lovely and fresh within the restaurant, the only weird thing was a big red statue in there, very unusual addition to the place. The staff were nice but not perfect shall we say. Normally the service makes the place, but not all the waiters were spot on to be honest. We were waiting a while for our food to be brought out too, but I usually rate a place mainly on the food. and this food was GOOD. Just the staff needed to be a bit more on top form to be honest. Our bill came to around 18 euros I think it was with also 2 soft drinks.


Now we're talking, dessert spots. Narkissos was the perfect spot for a crepe that's for sure. I didn't have one myself but Adam bought a bueno crepe which I took a few bites out of and my gosh, this was too good not to write about! The shop itself, as you can see by the photos, is very cute and lets say Parisian styled with the cute table and chairs, the design within the shop itself made me feel like I was in a Paris cake shop. They also do ice cream, sorbet and a major selection of lovely looking cakes. The crepe was around 3/4 euros from what I can remember. It's open the major of the day, so even if you get a sweet tooth late at night down the strip, this is the place to go.

Chill Box

Chill Box was by far my favourite place to get a sweet treat from. You get a box of little square waffles and you can added as many toppings as you like and you pay extra for how much it weighs. Pretty much a better version of pic 'n' mix. So we went for bueno and chocolate sauce with strawberries on top - absolute perfection. This came to around 5 euros in the end - SO WORTH IT. I wish we had more of these or even a store like this at home...
That's it for my round up of eating places that we liked in Zante! As you can tell, there is SO much choice for all sorts of different foods there. And that's not even half of what's there, you honestly are spoilt for choice with food in Zante, so I honestly recommend going B&B and trying out all the food there like me and Adam did. Hope you enjoyed reading this! Look out for my guide on where is best to go around Zante & the hotel review of where we stayed.
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