An Anchor Shirt 4 Ways

Look #1
Look #2
 Look #3
Look #4
Anchor Shirt- Skip N' Whistle, Anchor Bracelet- Country Club Prep,
White Shorts- Tommy Hilfiger, Striped Shirt- Ann Taylor (vintage),
Lobster Shorts- Old Navy, Tweed Jacket- Zara, Red Skirt- Zara
I have never been a t-shirt girl.
I like details on my shirts.
However this Anchor Shirt from Skip N' Whistle
has been on repeat in my closet since I got it.
As you can see above, it goes with everything!
Speaking of going with everything, I LOVE my Country Club Prep bracelet.
I have always wanted a KJP item and it
seriously looks so good with all my nautical outfits.
Do you have a shirt that you can wear in 4 ways or more?
Happy 4th of July (tomorrow)!
By Women Fashion Trend 2020