A Small Living Room Refresh

Living Room Refresh
The first piece of furniture Matt and I owned as newlyweds was a second-hand sofa from my parents. It was a marbled grey and green fabric. We kept it until it couldn’t handle any more rounds of baby puke and dog accidents.
When we moved to our current place, Matt’s brother handed off their faux leather couches to us. It felt like an amazing upgrade compared to our tiny, pukey love seat sofa. It served us well for six months until is started peeling. Then we had an even bigger mess. Every time we stood up from lounging on the couch, we’d be covered in black and brown speckles of polyurethane. And don’t even get me started on the trail it left on the floor. It was like a never-ending stream of confetti, but ugly, sticky black confetti that would follow us wherever we went.
Living Room Refresh
Slip covers masked the problem, but it still felt old and cluttered. With the new year here, it was time to do the adult thing and get some new seating.
Living Room Refresh
We are starting our living room refresh with these beautiful button tufted accent chairs. They are light enough that they brighten up our living room, but a dark enough shade of greyish oatmeal that stains won’t show. (Also, fabric protector is our best friend.) We got them from Kohl’s, and they are having an insane sale right now:
  • Get $10 off $50 home purchase with promo code HOME10 starting January 27 through February 5
  • Kohl’s Charge holders get 15% off January 29 through February 1
  • Get 20% off $75 purchase or 15% off all purchases February 2 through February 5
AND you can stack those promos! Plus you get Kohl’s cash to purchase some accent throws and pillows for later. I suggest checking out their selection! It looks sleek and high quality, while still keeping within a budget.
Living Room Refresh
Our next purchase will be a larger sofa that is cushy, cozy, and peel-free. Be sure to check out Kohl’s for your own new year home refresh. Happy shopping!
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