A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Tee: similar
Cutoffs: DIY from old jeans
Bandeau Bikini: Target
Turban Headband: c/o Do-Da Wraps
Necklace: c/o TomDesign
Bracelets: INPINK
Sandals: similar
Sunglasses: similar
1. You guys, it is 80 degrees today! Hence the beachwear. I am grateful for warm days and sunshine, which means long days at the beach and perfect evening strolls.
2. Fact: "SPAM" is short for spiced ham, in case you've been wondering your whole life ( source).
3. These notebooks are adorable and I would like them all.
4. A random thing about me: I can't start off going to sleep with my legs touching. It probably stems from my aversion to prickly leg hair rubbing together, but I absolutely have to wear pants or put the blanket between my legs when they are bare. If not, I get the same type of chills as I do when hearing nails on chalkboard.
5. Would you rather eat two pounds of Starburst jelly beans or mini Cadbury eggs? And the two pounds must be consumed in one sitting. Choose wisely, friends — there's a good chance you would end up hating that candy for the rest of your days.
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