A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Jacket: similar
Shirt: similar
Pants: H&M
Booties: Target (on clearance!)
Bracelets: similar
Handbag: c/o Hearts
Sunglasses: similar
Photography by Nathan Petty
1) I had the wonderful privilege of doing a shoot a few weeks back with our friend, Nathan. It was my first time taking photos for this blog with a bonafide professional. I was so nervous — funny how getting in front of the camera with someone shooting other than your husband can be all nerve wracking, but it was actually a boat load of fun, and he paid attention to all the little details that husbands tend to miss! One million bonus points to you, Nathan! If you are a style or fashion blogger in the San Diego area, he is looking to collaborate and you can contact him here. And duh, if you are in need of photos for a wedding, portraits (fellow Mormons, he shot Kirby Heyborne, aka The R.M. and the dude in The Single's Ward!) or anything for that matter, Nathan is your guy. He is laid back, efficient and has been doing the whole photography gig since 1998, which makes him an especially talented uber-professional. Check out his site and work here.
2) Fact: All the faces you see in your dreams are actual faces you have seen in real life (source). Basically, your brain is not inventing faces and you have seen that creepy, scary person somewhere before. Eeeeep! Or for the sake of optimism, that certain, mysterious Prince Charming does indeed exist! Yeeee!
3) These photos of figure skaters in mid-jump   had me in tears from laughing so hard, and I scrolled through them   at least   15 times. Good golly, I love technology's ability to capture the most ridiculous things. So long, Sochi 2014. You were quality entertainment.
4) This baby panther that was rescued down in Florida is Wesley's spirit animal. Literally. If Wes were an animal, he would be this panther! They look like each other! And it is pretty much the most darling little panther kitten I've ever seen.
5) Would you rather belly flop from a 25 foot high dive or hold your breath underwater until right before the point of passing out?
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