A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Embroidered Dress
Target Sandals
1. I love a good embroidered dress, especially one from Free People. Buuuutttt, those are a little pricey, and I heard a tip from a fellow friend and blogger about how Sheinside basically makes the knock-off versions. Naturally, I thought I'd try it out to see if it was worth it because I am always down for a deal! Here are my two cents: The dress photographs beautifully and is great for a few wears, but the quality is not that great. The material is cheap and I had to trim loose threads on almost all of the embroidered flowers. (Yeah, that's like, 150 flowers.) I have a Free People embroidered dress to which I am comparing it (and I got mine for a steal at TJ Maxx) and I would definitely say save up your pennies for the real deal if you are wanting one for spring and summer, and you plan on wearing it more than four or five times. But, the cheaper version might work for you if you want it for family photos or for a specific occasion. Either way, you will have to twirl in it, because what's a dress good for if it doesn't have twirling capabilities?
2. Fact: The odds of having twins are 1 in 33. The odds of delivering triplets or other multiples shoot up to 1 in 539 ( source). Call me crazy, but I would LOVE twins.
3. I've been thinking about emojis a lot lately. (I know, such a deep and complex thing to ponder!) Mostly I have just been thinking how it is time they released a whole new arsenal of emojis. Emoji makers, if you are reading this, please include my wishlist for consideration: unicorn, fingers crossed, middle finger, cupcake, pregnant lady, more clothing and shoe options in general, running girl, bacon, hot dog, CHEESE, a legitimate high five, and a Netflix one for good measure.
4. Yesterday I saw a lady wreck a brand new Lexus. A brand new Lexus that she was TEST DRIVING. She literally was about to make a left-hand turn back into the dealership and then basically totalled the whole front left side of the car. Thankfully nobody was hurt (besides that poor car). But could you imagine? That is always the one thing I have always freaked over in my mind when test driving a car. What if I crash it?! Will I have to pay for it? Will they make me answer phones until it is paid off?! Honestly, though. Would you have to pay for it, or does your insurance cover it? Or does the dealership have insurance? I don't know these things, but I suppose I should educate myself on the matter. Be safe while driving, folks!
5. Would you rather have cotton candy for hair or have licorice-dispensing fingertips?
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