A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Sheinside Green Coatigan
Tartan Infinity Scarf
Urban Outfitters Oversized Tee (similar)
Paige Denim "Skyline" Skinny Jeans
Geometric Print Clutch (similar)
1. Every gal needs a tartan plaid scarf this year. It's a cozy accessory, and I love that it makes jeans and a tee look crisp and polished. Definitely a must-have for a mama!
2. Fact: When the board game Twister was released back in 1966, its competitors and critics called it "sex in a box" ( source). I literally laughed out loud when I read this.
3. I know I already mentioned this on Instagram, but my baby fever is OUT OF CONTROL. I swear 2014 is the year of babies and being pregnant. Am I the only one? I know that this phase of my life is all about getting married and having babies, but I am convinced there are certain years where people are more prone to having children. Let's blame it on the sun or the moon or something cosmic. Or the water. There's always something in the water for these kinds of things.
4. I just saw this video for the first time and it filled me with the warm fuzzies, which then filled my eyes and face with tears. It's a beautiful reminder to keep perspective on the true meaning of this holiday season.
5. Would you rather drink a glass of pond water or eat a handful of slugs?
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