A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Mossimo Plaid Button Down Shirt (similar)
LOFT Modern Skinny Ankle Zip Jeans
LOFT Sunwashed Scoop Neck Tee
Coach Swingpack (similar)
Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker
Free People Round Sunglasses (similar, and they are even named after this blog... kidding)
1. This is a tried and true momiform. It also doubles as a wardrobe for The Sandlot, guaranteed to be Squints and "Benny the Jet" Rodriguez approved. Let's keep the flannel and sneaker trend alive forever, shall we?
2. Fact: Most American car horns honk in the key of F ( source).
3. I have the newfound luxury of TV in the same room as the computer, meaning I get to watch all of my evening shows while I blog. I call that productivity. But, productivity comes with a price. And that current price is that effin' scary trailer for Annabelle. Yeah, you know the horror movie I'm talking about. I feel afraid to even type out the name, and I am petrified at the thought of turning around right now, only to see a demon doll staring at me waiting to eat my soul. Every time it comes on I obstruct it from my vision with my hand and start making obscene " blah, lalala, weeee" noises to block out the sound. I have legitimate emotional trauma from watching Chucky as a 6-year-old. (My brothers' fault.) And this newest terror flick looks equally terrifying. I am purposely not linking to it if you do not know what I am talking about, because I cannot handle the endless possibilities of disturbing images. So, Google at your own risk. Seriously, I live in fear during commercial breaks because we are cheap and don't have DVR. For the record, it came on five times in the time it took me to complete this entire post. Shudder.
4. I feel like I had mounds of important things to fill this valuable slot with, but it seems my fear and paranoia have overcome my ability to write about anything random.
5. Would you rather have your most horrifying nightmare become a reality for 24 hours straight, or spend an entire year in complete isolation without any form of human contact? (Sorry if that is your most horrifying nightmare, you little extrovert!)
And here are some outtakes from today's photos, or what some people would call bloopers. I also snuck in one of Matt the Fashion Blogger, even though he officially resigned due to his qualms with the narcissism social media encourages. Ha. That's funny, considering. I thought these photos would lighten the mood ;)
"I need you to capture this side, but not too close, but not too far, and make me look pensive and fabulous, and not at all ridiculous."
An obnoxious foot pop that turned into an obnoxious jump.
The infamous, literal, blogger navel gaze!
I don't even know.
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