A Random Thing Or Two-sday

LOFT Oxford Shirt
Mossimo Ankle Pant in Atlantic Burgundy
ILY Couture Simple Bar Necklace c/o
H&M Handbag
Marc Fisher Leotie Sandals
1. These pants have the comfort of pajamas, the shaping power of Spanx, and a look that says "I'm a mature adult," although that last one might be a form of false advertising in my case ;)
2. Fact: My fly was unzipped for the first half of these photos, and Matt finally told me when we were almost done taking pictures. XYZ, guys, sorry. By the way, I searched the bowels of the internet for the etymology of "eXamine Your Zipper" to keep in tradition of giving a legit fact. I could not find anything other than some old dude's blog talking about how they used to say it in the 60's. Or I am simply a terrible Googler. There's a good chance it's the latter. I never make it past page two. I did however find what the "YKK" on zippers means, and it stands for "Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha," which is the world's leading zipper manufacturer
3. I know I've written about this topic before, but I shared how I was able to let go of my fears of having a c-section over on What To Expect. If you are pregnant and going through a similar situation, hopefully it will be helpful and make a positive impact on your experience! (Hugs all around.)
4. Have you seen Barbie's Instagram? It. Is. In-credible. I am not exaggerating when I say it is now one of my top three favorite Instagram profiles. That girl's style is on point!
5. Would you rather have skin that permanently soaks in the scent of anything it touches, or skin that permanently soaks in the color of anything it touches? (Matt and I came up with this one together over a dinner of ribs, which was the inspiration behind it. Either one would be a lose-lose if you were to chow down on a fat stack of baby backs. You'd look like an eternal 6-month-old who manages to get their food everywhere except for their mouth, or you'd smell like a dirty, burnt sock that stepped squarely on a blob of BBQ sauce.) Choose wisely, friends.
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