A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Tee: Hurley
Jeans: Paige Denim
Sneakers: Adidas Samba
Hat: Target
Tote: Madewell
Midi Ring: Madewell
1. Normcore, guys. This trend is the best thing that ever happened. Sneakers and tees all day, every day? Don't mind if I do! And it's a bonus that the trend follows after the king of #normcore himself, Jerry Seinfeld.
2. Fact: Only 10 percent of your happiness comes from external circumstances (source). If that doesn't put things into perspective, I don't know what does!
3. Adam Levine's blond hair! Welcome to the club, my friend.
4. The other morning (at 5 am ... don't worry, they went back to sleep eventually) we woke up to quiet, deep bellied giggles coming from the boys' room. Wes does this goofy yelling thing and Luke practically falls on the floor from laughing so hard. Even at six months, I am amazed by the capacity Wes has to interact and develop a relationship with Luke — and a humorous one at that! I find so much joy watching the love and admiration they have for one another already. Being their mom rules, I tell you what.
5. Would you rather have your entire body covered in scales or feathers?
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