A Random Thing Or Two-sday

Lapis Quilted Jacket (similar)
LOFT Striped Tee (similar) — see DIY instruction below for pom detail!
Kiind Of Track Jogg Pants
Steve Madden Jazie Oxfords (similar)
Cents of Style 'Serena' Over-sized Beanie c/o
1. I am in a closet-purging mode again and almost tossed this pink tee into the give away pile. But then I had some pink pom trim sitting around and the lightbulbs went off. I could embellish this boring, old sucker! The bottom was the part that drove me nuts anyway. Adding a pom edge is possibly the easiest refashion to spice up your tired and old tees. Simply use fabric glue to adhere the pom trim to the bottom of your shirt, sleeves or wherever you need some flounce. (Isn't that a lovely word?) Ta-da! Brand spanking new tee!
2. Fact: Justin Bobby used to be Adam Levine's hairstylist ( source). Could you imagine working at that salon? Heart eyes for years. (Also the most pointless fact I've listed yet, but every time I watch The Voice and see Adam's perfectly tousled hair, I can't help but think of Justin Bobby styling it and mumbling some drunken philosophical crap. Speaking of...)
3. JOHNNY DEPP. Guys, I am still dying over his slurred introduction at the Hollywood Documentary Awards. "That's the weirdest microphooone I've ever seen in my life!" It still makes me laugh so hard. Usually I suffer from major secondhand embarrassment at such a thing, but he is a quirky oddball as it is, and I think I might even like him more now.
4. Wes is standing now! It's only a matter of days before we have a walker on our hands. I cannot believe it! Luke says, "I wuv you, mama" whenever we have conversations now, and it gives me butterflies and the warm fuzzies. I wuv my little fellows :)
5. Would you rather shave your eyebrows (no drawing them back in!) or dye your teeth blue for a week  month?
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