7 Beautiful Places To Travel

I've caught a serious case of wanderlust this year, and aim to fill my passport with stamps in the coming years. After much thought and curation (thanks Pinterest!), I have narrowed it down to my top seven places I want to travel. These are in no particular order, but take highest priority. Basically, if I only get to travel to these places in my lifetime and no more than that, I will be happy. Pssh, I will even be happy if I get to go to one, let alone seven!
After putting this list together, I realized they all have a common theme of being beautifully colored and mostly near the water. Guess I just can't pull myself away from the coast — it's in my blood.
1. Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The bright colors of this city instantly draw me in, and the beaches in Puerto Rico look magnificent. There are great historic sites and museums to check out, and I think the best time to go would be in January to take part in the San Sebastian festival.  ( image source)
2. Paris, France. Because, hello, it's Paris. In my eyes, the French are practically perfect and I just want to bask in it all. The chocolate, the bread, the cheese, the butter . . . I guess what I am saying is I want to go so I can just eat the entire time. I am currently reading the book, The Road from the Past, by Ina Caro, which maps out your entire trip in chronological order based on the history of France. The ending destination is Paris, but I plan on doing the whole thing. ( image source)
3. Chefchaouen, Morocco. Matt served a church mission in Malaga, Spain, so when we went back to visit back in 2010, we almost took the boat over to Morocco, but just didn't have the time. It is an easy day trip by boat and bus, and we plan on making this a must-see destination next time we go back! (And if you haven't been to Southern Spain, you MUST put it on your travel list!) The blue buildings and rich history of this area look like they are quite literally painted from a dream. ( image source)
4. The Amalfi Coast, Italy. Whenever I see photos of the Amalfi Coast in books and elsewhere on the internet, I immediately hear an airy ballad on the classical guitar playing through my mind, and I see white curtains blowing in the wind gusts from the open doors on the balcony. And all that Italian food! And art! And architecture! Yes, please. ( image source)
5. Santorini, Greece. Like I said, this list is in no particular order, but if I were putting it in order of places I want to travel by priority, Santorini would be number one. I think there is a good chance this island is my spirit place. (You know, like a spirit animal, but a city instead . . . is there a word for what I'm trying to get at here?) I have always had good feelings toward anything Mediterranean I've ever had the joy of crossing paths with, and I simply feel this would be the perfect place to travel and relax. My sights are set on staying in this house . . . and never leaving. ( image source )
6. Istanbul, Turkey. This photo is of Balat, which is known for being a beautifully colored neighborhood in Istanbul. For almost a decade I've wanted to go to Istanbul, after reading a bizarre historical fiction book about Vlad the Impaler who was actually a vampire (I know). The book takes place mostly in Istanbul, and the descriptions of it are phenomenal (and seemed accurate after a bit of research). The churches and architecture of the city look mind-blowing, and there is something mystic to me about its history. There are protests happening currently about the Turkish mine disaster, so it is one of those places I would want to stay up on with the current affairs before booking tickets. ( image source )
7. Bali, Indonesia. Let me just hole up in this beach house, find a medicine man to cure me of my neuroses (à la Eat, Pray, Love) and drink in the tropical surroundings of this paradise on earth. ( image source)
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