5 Shoes Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Colorful Pump | Wedge | Gold Flat | Sandal | Black Pump
My closet has been stripped down and ripped apart in the last month. You see, I am one of those weirdos that gets sentimentally attached to my clothes and shoes -- especially my shoes. But, after watching one too many episodes of Hoarders, I bucked up and rid my tiny closet of the tattered clompers I haven't worn for a year and probably will never wear again.
Then I had a shoe epiphany...
"Abbey, you really only need five pairs of shoes. Simplify, girl. SIMPLIFY!"
And simplify I did!
Okay, so I obviously have more than five pairs of shoes, but if you feel at a loss as to what shoe styles you need, this guide is for you!
1) Basic Pump: It is like the LBD (little black dress) of the shoe world. Don't argue with it. Just go get yourselves a pair of basic black heels. The pointed toe will help elongate your legs too (please and thank you)!
2) Flat Sandal: This is pretty much what I wear all summer long. I like to buy mine in a basic brown or black color because they will go with everything. Shorts, skirts, pants, you name it!
3) Versatile Flat: It seems counterintuitive to buy a flat that is in a bright or metallic color, but I am telling you that they are the best basic! The bright color can dress up your look or give you a polished finish to a simple look.
4) Wedge: These bad boys are easy to walk in, comfortable and add the right amount of boho and glam to your look. Need I say more?
5) Fun & Edgy: This is your wild card shoe. And every girl needs one! It's the pair of shoes that is maybe a bit too colorful or crazy, but you feel like they are your soul mate (or sole mate! People, I'm full of terrible jokes). In that case, I say buy them! And wear them with pride! The world is yours for the taking!
All of these shoes I found are from Shoedazzle. I have been weary of the whole shoe club thing, and was hesitant as to which one I should sign up for, but then I saw that Rachel Zoe is the guest stylist for Shoedazzle and the price point was right up my alley. Sold and sold! And bonus, you get 25% off your first pair of shoes. What's not to love?  
So, my fellow fashionistas, what shoes do you have your eye on? Happy shopping!
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