5 Cheesy Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix This Week

1. A Christmas Kiss. This one has a four star rating! It's so cheesy, it's fabulous! I hope you enjoy the awkward smoldering stares and smirks from the main character dude as much as I did. They deserve at least four stars!
2. 12 Dates of Christmas. My go-to Christmas movie with Amy Smart is Just Friends, but since that's not on Netflix, this one is a superb second option. And Zack Morris (I will never acknowledge him by his real nameā€”don't even know it is is, and too lazy to Google) is an excellent second option to Ryan Reynolds!
3. I'll Be Home for Christmas. First things first... JTT! (This is quickly turning into a 90s teen celebrity fan club, for which I am not at all sorry. In fact! YOU'RE WELCOME. Also, this is a great update on JTT should you be wondering to where in the world he disappeared.) Second, this is one of those corny classics Christmas movies you watch as a tween, thinking it is, like, so totally awesome! And then you watch it 15 years later and have this expression plastered on your face the entire time...
[link ]
4. The Mistle-Tones. Okay, this isn't even funny anymore. Apparently your only option when you are a washed-up 90s teen star is starring in marvelously awful Christmas movies. (I hear ABC Family is the studio preference, but Hallmark isn't a shabby option either.) And sometimes we get lucky and score two stars in one show! Tia and Tori are the dream team!
5. Holiday Engagement. I haven't watched this one yet, but based on the picture above and the terrible acting I just witnessed in the first 30 seconds, it's bound to be a winner!
Have the Merriest Christmas, everyone!
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