30 Ways To Wear: Grey V-Neck Tee

A grey tee is such a staple piece to have in your wardrobe. When I heard about the 30 wears challenge I was sure the first thing I'd be sharing was going to be one of my many grey tees. I was surprised to find none of them were even close to 30 wears! Documenting what I wear each day by taking photos really helps me see what I actually wear all the time, instead of just what I think I wear all the time! I suppose having it be the first top in the series is very fitting - everything else has been accessories, outerwear or shorts or skirts.
This monthly post is inspired by the 30 wears challenge I first heard about in The True Cost documentary.

30 Ways To Wear: Grey V-Neck Tee

30 ways to wear a grey v neck tee affordable outfit ideas | away from blue blog
A grey tee is such a basic wardrobe staple and I am sure you have one in your wardrobe! I'm hoping that this post gives you a new outfit or colour combination to try and encourages you to rewear something you already have. I love repeating my favourite pieces, I bought them to wear them after all!

Cost Per Wear

I purchased this tee from The Iconic sale back in July 2013 and it was reduced to just $13.95 so the cost per wear is just 47 cents as I've worn it 33 times. It shows you don't have to splurge on something to have it last a long time.
I am so sad that I can't buy more of these tees - the brand isn't listed on the Iconic anymore and I haven't been able to find anything on Google. When I realised what a great piece this tee was I went back to buy more but by then there was none left in my size and it was never restocked. It's a 100% cotton, comfortable and soft tee which has held up so well over 6 years ( and two pregnancies!) and I expect to have it in my wardrobe for a long time still. I've not found one that compares to it yet!

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Grey Tee and Kimono

4 ways to wear a grey tee with a kimono away from the blue
Just as grey tees are a wardrobe staple, kimonos are another staple for me! Perfect for stay at home mum wear. With a grey tee and shorts or a grey tee and jeans, your outfit can sometimes feel a little plain, so adding a bright kimono is a great way to add more colour and interest to your outfit.

Grey Tee and Layers

5 outfit ideas ways to wear grey v-neck tee | away from the blue
Sometimes you need a little more than a kimono to keep warm - and a grey tee layers beautifully! As it's a basic, block colour neutral you can pair it with printed scarves, bright cardigans and even denim or leather jackets on colder days. I like how you don't have to worry about the tee clashing with any colours or print you might be layering with.

Grey Tee Over A Dress

3 ways to wear a grey tee knotted over a printed dress | awayfromtheblue blog
I was sure I'd have more examples of this to share as I've been loving knotting things over dresses recently! I like how a simple grey tee worn over a fun printed dress can completely change the look of it. This tee knots beautifully too - it doesn't stretch out after being knotted and it looks great with every style and colour and print of dress as it's a go-with-anything neutral.

Grey Tee In The Office

how to wear a grey tee in the office 3 outfit ideas ways to wear | awayfromblue
If you have a business casual workplace, you might be able to dress up your tee for a day at work. I have a business casual office that's so casual people wear jeans through the week. In this kind of office environment, a grey tee and a pencil skirt is an easy and comfortable outfit to wear. You can always try dressing the tee up a little more with a pair of heels, a blazer, or a big scarf to disguise the casual material.

Grey Tee And Printed Skirts

4 outfit ideas with printed skirt and grey tee | away from the blue blgo
As I've shown above, a neutral tee goes with any print. My favourite pairing is definitely stripes, but I like how easy this tee is to wear with any style of printed skirt. It's such a simple combo, grey tee and maxi skirt, but one I keep wearing over and over. Perfect for mum life.

Grey Tee With Bright or Printed Jeans

5 ways to wear a grey tee with different jeans bright and printed | awayfromblue blog
Everyone relies on a great jeans and tee outfit! It's the best basic outfit and one I frequently wear. Because this tee is a nice neutral grey, you can have a little more fun when picking jeans to wear it with, going bolder with bright jeans or printed jeans to add a little more interest to your outfit. All 5 of these outfits are the same basic tee and jeans formula, but just by changing up the jeans to different colours and prints, maybe adding an accessory like a scarf, you create a new outfit each time.

Classic Jeans and Tee Outfit

3 classic simple outfit ideas grey tee and jeans | away from the blue blog
Of course sometimes you don't want to go all out and you just want a nice, simple, classic jeans and tee outfit. With the traditional blue jeans or simple black pair, this grey tee makes a great staple outfit.

Grey Tee In Pregnancy And Postpartum

3 outfit ideas with grey non maternity tee pregnancy and postpartum | awyafromblue
I just had to finish this post with some pregnancy (and postpartum) outfits! I always enjoy looking back at them when I'm compiling these 30 ways to wear posts. After owning this tee 6 years, it's accommodated all the typical weight fluctuations over that time, and two pregnancies (as you can see by it stretched to the max over the third trimester bump there!). It's sprung back into shape every time and was so comfortable to wear over a growing baby bump or slowly shrinking postpartum bump like in the middle photo. Definitely a versatile wardrobe staple!

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